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  • Purchase and sale of FirePro aerosol extinguishers
  • Purchase and sale of FirePro extinguisher systems
  • Purchase and sale of fire detecting systems
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FirePro Benelux

Fire prevention is an absolute must!

For many companies in the Netherlands, fire is one of the most common causes of material and personal damages. Every single year we see fire incidents that result in severe consequential damages such as endangering human lives and shutting down production lines.

The purpose of fire prevention is to avoid these kinds of damages. Compliance with the law and regulations, for example, established in the Building Decree, means that, as a company, you are obliged to take the necessary fire prevention measures. We are here to offer our support.

FirePro Benelux is a Dutch fire protection company that focuses on fire prevention in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Are you looking for a Dutch fire prevention company that is an expert in its field, then you have come to the right place.

FirePro Benelux offers the highest quality, expertise, and systems to protect companies in all sectors and industries against fires. This is clearly demonstrated with our condensed aerosol extinguishing equipment, our specialists, and our extinguishing installations.

Quality - FirePro condensed aerosol extinguishing equipment:

FirePro offers the highest quality condensed aerosol extinguishing equipment as we provide the world’s most tested and certified extinguishing systems.

Expertise - FirePro Specialists:

Our fire prevention and fire protection specialists are ready to support you during the implementation process of certified fire extinguishing installations. Furthermore, our specialists offer sound advice based on a study of your company and activities.

Systems - FirePro extinguishing installations:

The FirePro extinguishing systems do not require expensive, structural adjustments or provisions that often include pipeworks. An additional advantage of the FirePro extinguishing installations is that they are a much better investment compared to conventional extinguishing systems as our installations are low-maintenance and have a lifespan of at least 15 years.

Would you like to receive tailored advice on fire protection and security?