Again, FirePro succeeds in suppressing and controlling a fire in a pallet full of Lithium-Ion batteries!

At the beginning of last year we were able to inform you that FirePro is the only extinguishing agent to date, which Lithium-Ion fires can suppress and control.

We have also recorded this in an official declaration and report from KIWA. We were regularly asked by the business community last year whether we could demonstrate this on a larger scale.

We have not sat still since the last test last year. We have since installed many customized installations for which Lithium-Ion fire protection has been applied.

The research and development department of FirePro now has so much know-how that we dare to state that we are absolutely the only reliable partner with regard to fire protection of Lithium-Ion batteries.

We have again demonstrated this on behalf of various parties, including a number of bicycle manufacturers of e-bikes, fire brigades and insurance companies. June 27, 2019 we had this demo / test day at the RelyOn Nutec site at Maasvlakte-Rotterdam.

FirePro has this day under the supervision of an accredited institution knowing KIWA demonstrated that we can absolutely suppress and control Lithium-Ion fires. This also on a large scale. Again this has been officially recognized and recorded by KIWA.

The expertise that FirePro Benelux applies for approaching and intervening in a Lithium-Ion fire has also succeeded in this test.

Further information about the fire hazards with Lithium-Ion batteries can be found on our website. You can also call or email us at any time for more information or to schedule a personal conversation.

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