Fire safety

Fire safety

For both companies as well as for private individuals, fire is one of the main causes for serious damages. It is often clear that companies do not take sufficient measures to protect their properties against fire.

FirePro believes it has a duty to take the consequences of fire very seriously. That is why we are known for dealing with fire-related issues effectively. Over the years, our clients have been able to prevent serious damages due to fire thanks to our certified aerosol fire extinguishing equipment. Over the past years, our fire extinguishing systems have protected our clients against damages such as

  • damages to buildings
  • production downtime
  • logistic downtime
  • temporary closures
  • damages to equipment
  • damages to machineries
  • loss of data
  • environmental pollution
  • endangering human lives

Furthermore, you have a statutory duty of care (Building Decree, Working Conditions Act, and conditions set by insurers), making you as a company and/or director responsible for the safety and well-being of your personnel.

Condensed aerosol vs conventional fire protection

FirePro can list plenty of arguments as to why it uses aerosol extinguishing equipment instead of conventional fire protection systems. You will find the most important ones below.

Purpose of the extinguishing equipment

The conventional extinguishing equipment aim to slow down the fire, thereby gaining time for two reasons;

  • facilitating an evacuation
  • notifying the fire brigade to extinguish the fire

The FirePro extinguishing equipment, on the other hand, aim to fight the fire directly at the source. The FirePro condensed aerosol extinguishing systems are lightweight and only take up a small amount of space. That makes them easy to install, enabling you to fight the fire directly at the source.

Damage control of extinguishing systems

It has been established that conventional extinguishing agents can cause more severe consequential damages than condensed aerosol extinguishing equipment. Extinguishing systems such as sprinklers and water mist can damage documents, equipment, and furniture. Other extinguishing systems, including gas, foam, and powder extinguishing installations can result in damages to valuables, machines, and people.

The FirePro fire extinguishing installations are highly effective and minimise the consequential damages. This is because the FirePro extinguishing agent, condensed aerosol, is non-corrosive. They are also easy to install and minimise the adverse effects resulting from a fire.

Maintenance of extinguishing systems

Conventional extinguishing systems are relatively high-maintenance compared to the FirePro condensed aerosol extinguishing systems. The installation of conventional extinguishing systems often require structural provisions such as the implementation of pipeworks. They also often need to be thoroughly and regularly checked, which takes time and can result in high maintenance costs.


The FirePro stainless steel extinguishing systems are robust, reliable, and highly effective. An additional advantage is that an investment in a FirePro extinguishing installation gives a much higher return compared to conventional extinguishing systems as our installations are low-maintenance and have a lifespan of at least 15 years.

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