Fire protection for archive management

Fire protection for archive management

It goes without saying that organisations such as libraries and archives need to consider the issue of fire protection very thoroughly. The storage of books, documents, and manuscripts entails a significant risk of fire. Not just because they can ignite quickly, but also because the fire extinguishing systems can cause severe damages as well. An example is the water mist system; although it can effectively extinguish the fire, the released water will definitely damage the stored documents as well.

The FirePro extinguishing systems, however, offer the perfect fire protection for archives and libraries. Our condensed aerosol extinguishers contain a dry component that will not damage your documents, furniture, and personnel. Furthermore, the FirePro extinguishing systems are the world’s most tested and certified fire extinguishers. You can therefore rest assured that FirePro offers the highest quality, expertise, and systems when it comes to fire protection.


Harmless to people, documents, and the environment

The FirePro fire extinguishing installations are highly effective and minimise the consequential damages. This is because the FirePro extinguishing agent, condensed aerosol, is non-corrosive. Conventional extinguishing systems use extinguishing agents such as water, dry chemicals, and carbon dioxide (CO2). These agents involve a major safety hazard and cause huge damages. The FirePro extinguishing agent is harmless for people, the environment and properties.

Practical and sustainable extinguishing systems

The FirePro stainless steel extinguishing systems are robust, reliable, and highly effective. They are easy to install and minimise the adverse effects resulting from a fire. An additional advantage is that a FirePro extinguishing installation is a much better investment compared to conventional extinguishing systems as our installations are low-maintenance and have a lifespan of at least 15 years.

Time and again, FirePro extinguishing installations prove to be the best choice for fire protection and limiting the damages for ICT companies. A FirePro extinguishing installation is the most sustainable investment to protect documents, equipment, and personnel.

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