Fire protection for cultural heritage

Fire protection for cultural heritage

Fire is one of the main threats to our Dutch cultural heritage. Landmarks such as castles, windmills, or churches, but also artefacts such as valuable tapestries and paintings require tailored fire protection measures, as the minimisation of the fire damages is just as important as an automated extinguishing installation.

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FirePro fire prevention for cultural heritage

FirePro is a specialist company for the fire safety of cultural heritage. We offer the expertise in the areas of fire prevention, fire protection, and fire detection systems which can fight incipient fires directly at the source. We make sure that unique buildings, artefacts, and other valuable properties and objects will not get lost - due to fire or to consequential damages.
Conventional extinguishing systems use extinguishing agents such as water, dry chemicals, and carbon dioxide (CO2). These agents can involve a major safety risk and result in significant damages to valuable artefacts. FirePro, however, uses condensed aerosol as a fire extinguisher. This agent is non-corrosive and harmless to people, the environment, and the objects in your museum or cultural heritage institution.

Practical and sustainable extinguishing systems

The FirePro stainless steel extinguishing systems are robust, reliable, and highly effective. They are easy to install and minimise the adverse effects resulting from a fire. An additional advantage is that an investment in a FirePro extinguishing installation gives a much higher return compared to conventional extinguishing systems, as our installations are low-maintenance and have a lifespan of at least 15 years.

Time and again, FirePro extinguishing installations prove to be the best choice for fire protection and limiting the damages to a broad range of cultural heritage sites and artefacts. A FirePro extinguishing installation is the most sustainable investment to protect your valuable premises and artefacts.

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