Fire protection for power plants

Fire protection for power plants

Generating and storing energy in power plants pose major fire hazards. When a fire occurs, there is a significant risk of explosions which can quickly spread the fire. This may result in major damages and, even worse, shut down the power plant.

With our certified aerosol extinguishing equipment, FirePro offers the necessary fire protection for power plants. By using our condensed aerosol fire extinguishing equipment and expertise, the damages in case of fire will be minimal. The FirePro extinguishing systems are lightweight and only take up a small amount of space. That makes them easy to install, enabling you to fight an incipient fire directly at the source.

Another important aspect is that our fire protection systems allow you to fight a fire without causing damages to people, the environment and equipment, By using our certified condensed aerosol extinguishers and our expertise, you can make sure that the power plant will not burn out completely.

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Harmless to people, equipment, and the environment

The FirePro fire extinguishing installations are highly effective and minimise the consequential damages. This is because the FirePro extinguishing agent, condensed aerosol, is non-corrosive. Conventional extinguishing systems use extinguishing agents such as water, dry chemicals, and carbon dioxide (CO2). These agents can involve a major safety risk and result in significant damages.

Practical and sustainable extinguishing systems

The FirePro stainless steel extinguishing systems are robust, reliable, and highly effective. They are easy to install and minimise the adverse effects resulting from a fire. An additional advantage is that an investment in a FirePro extinguishing installation gives a much higher return compared to conventional extinguishing systems as our installations are low-maintenance and have a lifespan of at least 15 years.

Time and again, FirePro extinguishing installations prove to be the best choice for fire protection and limiting the damages for power plants. A FirePro extinguishing installation is the most sustainable investment to protect electrical power plants, hydropower plants, and fossil fuel power plants.

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