15+ reasons to use FirePro



    FirePro Benelux is a Dutch fire protection and prevention company with the most tested and certified fire protection products and systems in the industry.

    Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression

    Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
    Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
    Zero Global Warming Potential
    Non-Oxygen Depleting
    Manufactured Under ISO 14001 / 9001 Standards
    Halon Alternative
    15-year Product Life

    15+ reasons to use FirePro

    MORE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT in fire prevention than any other existing conventional system. Only 30+ grams of the extinguishing agent are required to protect 1 m3, compared with 200-350 grams of Halon or 700-1500 grams of CO2.

    OZONE-FRIENDLY The system does not emit substances that are harmful to the ozone layer.

    NON-CORROSIVE They protect goods without causing any damages. The extinguishing agents do not contain any corrosive substances. That is why equipment, object, or materials will not be destroyed or even affected. With other extinguishing agents, the objects that are not destroyed by the fire will nevertheless be lost due to the used substances (such as water, foam, and powder).

    HARMLESS to people. The extinguishing agents are non-toxic and do not consume oxygen.

    ECO-FRIENDLY They have the "Green Product' certificate. Lab tests show that they have no damaging effect on the soil, water, air, climate, animals, plants, and micro-organisms.

    • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) = 0
    • Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 0
    • Atmospheric Lifetime (ALT) = negligible

    CONTAINERS ARE NOT UNDER PRESSURE This makes it possible for the unit to be located close to the fire without risk (contrary to the other extinguishing agents of which the container is under pressure and therefore subject to all ensuing limitations of pressure and temperature).

    NO expensive piping installations, pumps, and large tanks.

    COMPACT, easy to transport and install without long and expensive disruption in the activities inside the premises where the system is installed.

    EASY TO CONNECT to existing conventional fire detection systems, activating systems, or alarm systems.

    LESS MAINTENANCE during their lifespan than any other conventional system.

    LIFESPAN of at least 15 YEARS, during which the extinguishing equipment is always ready to use (detection, activation, and release).


    • Fire detection: this system no longer needs to be dependent on an external power supply;
    • Activation: this system no longer needs to be dependent on an external power supply or compressed air;
    • Release: this system is not dependent on an external power supply or compressed air.

    MANUAL ACTIVATION Containers can be rolled to/placed nearby the fire from a safe distance.

    EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT The development of the fire can be stopped in a very early stage. They can be used to extinguish class A, B, C, D, and F fires in the earliest stage of the fire in an extremely effective manner, thus increasing the fire prevention and avoiding further damages to goods.

    LIMITED SPREADING of fire by highly flammable materials such as petrol, diesel fuels, gas, plastics, wood, coal, paper, rubber, electromechanical equipment, etcetera.

    INSTALLATION at locations with varying ambient temperature and with a relative humidity up to 98%.

    SELECTIVE ACTIVATION This will prevent unnecessary activation of other parts of the system and limit the costs.

    INTERNAL PROTECTION Fire prevention at locations where this was previously impossible thanks to the internal extinguishing equipment for local protection, meaning fighting the source of the fire.

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