Effect on the Environment


    Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression

    Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
    Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
    Zero Global Warming Potential
    Non-Oxygen Depleting
    Manufactured Under ISO 14001 / 9001 Standards
    Halon Alternative
    15-year Product Life

    Effect on the Environment

    The extinguishing agent of the future for both areal and local protection and for portable fire-fighting methods.

    FirePro® aerosol fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems contain the solid, aerosol forming compound SBK which- once activated - is transformed into a fast expanding, highly effective extinguishing aerosol.

    The most important properties of the FirePro® aerosol extinguishers and extinguishing systems, when applied properly and in the prescribed manner, are:

    • they are more efficient and effective than any other conventional system
    • the agent is contained in containers that are not under pressure
    • they are environmentally friendly and do not harm the ozone layer
    • ODP = 0 (Ozone Depletion Potential)
    • GWP = 0 (Global Warming Potential)
    • ALT = negligible (Atmospheric Life Time)
    • they are non-corrosive - they do not damage goods and equipment
    • they are harmless for people, animals, and nature
    • they work autonomously and automatically - no power supply or compressed air required (but they can be connected to any conventional alarm, detection, and/or activating system)
    • they can be delivered in a wide range of different shapes and sizes (depending on the volume that must be protected)
    • they can be delivered in a large number of different types (depending on the specific project requirements)

    The required maintenance is negligible compared with the maintenance that must be done on any other conventional system.

      FirePro CO2 Other gas extinguishing agents HALON 1901
    O.D.P. (Ozone Depletion Potential) Nil Nil Low High
    G.W.P. (Global Warming Potential) Nil High Low Moderate
    A.L.T. (Atmospheric Lifetime) Negligible Very high Very high on average High
    Toxicity None High Low-high Low
    Conductivity None, up to 24,000 Volt Low Low Low
    Corrosion effect None Low Low-high Moderate
    Volumetric return Excellent Low Low Good
    Concentration for extinguishing N/A 45%+ 8-40% 5%
    Density for extinguishing 30+ g/m3 700-1500 g/m3 550-950 g/m3 200-350 g/m3


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