FirePro extinguishing systems specifications



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FirePro extinguishing systems specifications

Specifications for the FirePro aerosol fire extinguishing systems. Would you like to receive more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Release time from approx. 3+ seconds
Required concentration in the volume from 30+ grams per m3
Duration effectiveness between 15 and 120 minutes (calculation)
Electrical activation 12 – 36 volt at 0.8 A, 2 Ohm, 3-4 seconds
Max. test current max. 5 mA
Activation time immediate
Storage condition from -50°C up to +100°C
Relative humidity 98% maximum
Classes of fire A, B, C, D and F


Activation can be realised by:

  • an electrical signal from conventional detection and activating systems
  • a Linear Heat Cable. This is a thermal sensitive thread/sensor.
  • a bulb activator. This is a glass that breaks at a certain temperature, activating the aerosol extinguishing unit (similar to the head of a sprinkler).
  • a bimetal switch. This is a heat switch that allows a current to flow at a certain temperature, activating the aerosol extinguishing unit.

The portal aerosol extinguishing units must be activated manually. They can be directed at or rolled into the space where the fire occurs (depending on the type that is used).

Specifications of the released aerosol

Electrical conductivity none, up to 75,000 volt
Corrosiveness none
Thermal shock none
Electrostatic charge none
Condensation N/A
Residues after the fire reconditioning

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