Sprinkler installations

Sprinkler installations

Sprinkler installations/sprinkler systems have been around for a long time. They control and/or extinguish a fire with water. A disadvantage of a sprinkler installation (or system) is that it uses a large amount of expensive drinking water and that the adverse effects of such an installation in case of a fire can be enormous, regardless of a sprinkler installation being used within an industrial building, houses, or in your own home.

When you use a sprinkler installation to extinguish a fire, the water that becomes polluted with combustion residues will also contaminate the surface water and groundwater.

Sprinkler system and fire

The installation of a sprinkler system in industrial or office buildings require major structural provisions such as piping, storage tanks for the water supply, boosting and/or pressure pumps, and collection tanks or basements to catch the polluted water. Another hazard is the development of Legionella bacteria in the sprinkler installation.

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